Enable succesfull implementation of the unique nanomaterial into a real life

Two researchers from Linkoping university have spent the last 10 years on creating graphene that works

At Grafren, we’re harnessing the power of graphene to reshape the landscape of materials technology. Born from the minds of dedicated researchers and graphene experts at Swedish Linköping University, our team is a force of innovation. We’re engaged in the discovery and development of graphene flakes, separating and coating them with our patented, key-enabling technologies.

We’re on a mission to create next-level, graphene-based products, manufactured at scale and optimized for cost-efficiency. We’re driven to engineer solutions that are not only efficient and functional but also groundbreaking.Join us as we chart a course into unexplored territories, and redefine what’s possible in advanced materials.

Our team

Erik Khranovskyy, PhD
Mike Zhybak, PhD
Victoria Sandberg
CMO & Public Relations
Christer Nilsson
Business Development
Andrii Karpiuk
Jenny Khranovska
Project Manager
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